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Create your perfect curl using the Mark Hill Interchangeable Salon wand

The Mark Hill interchangeable wand is part of the Mark Hill Salon Professional collection. An affordable curling wand which presents numerous ways to style your hair. As you know there are many interchangeable wands on the market and I’ve been considering the famous Nume Lustrum Interchangeable Curling Wand loved by instagrammers which is currently retailing at £134.95 or the award-winning T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable styling wand which is currently retailing at £199.00. You can imagine my excitement when I came across the Mark Hill interchangeable wand whilst shopping in Boots and for the price, how could I say NO?!! It has three wands all at different sizes which means you can create waves/curls for different styles. For everyday use I use the 25mm wand, it gives that effortless wave without screaming out- look at my hair I spent hours curling and setting with hairspray- crunch!!

Now if it’s Hollywood waves you’re after use the 25mm wand, curl each layer in the same direction and brush hair once cool. For beach waves use the 34mm wand, don't incorporate the end of the hair- try and keep it straight and add sea salt spray for added texture. For a corkscrew curl use the 15mm wand, hairspray and break up curls by running your fingers through your hair. It’s as easy as that my beauties!

When using the wand, the three wands click into place on to the handle. It has a release mechanism which is easy to use when changing each wand. The 3m swivel cord will move as you move the wand- (perfect for hairdressers) and perfect for me because the cable won't get damaged as I'm moving the wand in several directions when it is in use.

Let’s talk heat settings. It has a range of settings which is shown as a digital display. The display unit highlights blue as it is heating up to the correct temperature and highlights green when it is ready to use. You also get a pair of heat proof finger gloves which are for your thumb, first finger and middle finger. I never use them as I like to separate and feel the texture of my hair before I curl but I do like that they have included them. They are essential for people who are not as confident when using a curling wand. If you are not using the gloves you may need a little practise to ensure you don't burn your fingers when you are wrapping your hair around the wand. It does not have a plastic tip at the end of the wand; a feature on the Mark Hill Professional Magic wand which you can hold when removing the hair protecting your fingers. Nevertheless, that was really easy to overcome. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't come with a heat proof mat but I have loads of mats from my other styling tools which I use.

The price is phenomenal. It retails at £44.99 but I actually purchased it for £29.99 on a promotional offer in Boots. If you are finding it difficult to locate the wand system above, then Mark Hill have now released their Pick n’ Mix range. You purchase the Mark Hill Pick n' Mix Handle for £15.99 at Boots and you then purchase the wands of your choice- Genius!!

Overall I love this wand, it heats up within seconds. You don't need to keep your hair wrapped around the wand for a long duration of time, heat from the wand penetrates through the hair and is evenly distributed. The ceramic barrel ensures a shine to the hair and also allows hair to wrap around the wand seamlessly. The quality of this wand system is phenomenal and each wand allows you to create a unique curl. I can curl my hair within 10 minutes, ready and set for a full day at work. Whether its a fabulous event you are getting ready for or if you are doing the school run and are fed up of your lifeless hair this is the wand to get! Remember ladies- all of these women with perfect hair are just like you in the morning. They just have the right tools to enhance their everyday lives.

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