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The life changing foundation brush!

Since I bought the Beauty Blender I haven’t used any of my foundation brushes. Finding a brush that leaves your foundation streak free and seamlessly blended is difficult stuff. Even when Instragrammers and Youtubers raved about the oval brushes I still didn’t buy into the hype and I persevered with my beauty blender. Then that dreaded day arrived, you all know the feeling when you are looking at that sponge thinking Eeew this can not be good for my skin. That bacteria the sponge must be harbouring is unimaginable- regardless of how many times you have attempted to clean the sponge, it's just never clean!

I decided to invest in some oval brushes with so many on the market the only ones that caught my eye were the original creators Artis. Super soft bristle brushes of all shapes and sizes however a ten piece collection was at a hefty cost of around £360. When thinking about the many blending brushes, fan brushes and concealer brushes that I owned I reigned myself in and decided to invest in a good foundation brush to start. By all means a good base is the foundation of a flawless look.

The Artis Palm brush caught my eye, no awful handle, easy to hold and guaranteed flawless finish claimed by most instagrammers with a price tag of £66. whilst shopping online I came across Iconic London, known for their contour palettes and illuminating liquids they also developed a full range of oval brushes. They released the PRO-EVO buffer brush perfect for the palm and similar to the Artis palm brush. The colours of their brushes were stunning and you can also purchase a beautiful brush holder for that added panache!

I took the plunge and ordered the PRO-EVO buffer brush and when it arrived I was not disappointed. It was a beautiful gold colour with tan coloured bristles; a stunning piece to leave on top of your dressing table. It’s easy to hold and the 400,000 velvet like synthetic fibres are super duper soft. I spent half an hour just brushing over my arm when it arrived. The bristles are tightly packed and dense but super soft and foundation application is seamless.


You don't waste product and you notice the difference when using the same amount of foundation with a beauty blender compared to the PRO-EVO buffer brush. No product is wasted and the feeling on your skin is heavenly. With some foundation brushes you can feel your skin being pulled but with the PRO-EVO buffer brush it is so gentle and it can even be used under the eye area. It’s perfect for liquid and cream based foundations.

Cons: Storing the brush and cleaning the brush. I’m so worried about any product or dust getting into the bristles that I have to store the brush in its own little box. In terms of cleaning it is a bit of a headache. Iconic suggest using their Iconic Brush Cleanser onto the hairs of the brush and they advise you not to submerge the brush hairs in water.

Nevertheless my beauties this is a definite must have for your make up bag. If you are looking for that perfect foundation brush then this is definitely a fantastic investment. At £32.99 it is reasonably priced, it looks fantastic and the finish is seamless- Iconic London, Well done!

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