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How to get through the wedding season

Tip 1: Fusion clothing

As the invites flood in the first thing that comes to mind is what do I wear, and what have I not displayed on social media! With the age of social media it's becoming increasingly difficult to wear the same outfit to each event. With Asian outfits the costs can be extreme and most of us spend hundreds of pounds on a single outfit. The way forward is fusion clothing. I recently purchased a ‘forever blouse’ which is a saree blouse that you buy as a single item and the idea is that you can use it for any saree. My blouse is heavily embellished with black jewels and bronze and crystal finishing. Instead of wearing it with a saree I teamed it up with a black satin skirt from Chi Chi clothing

This A-line skirt is beautifully tailored and the thick satin waistband nips you in at the waist and the pleats give it just the right amount of flare. The maxi length means it is perfect for wearing with heels and it’s a stunning way to showcase a forever blouse with a little twist. You could even team up this saree blouse with a pair of high waisted trousers or palazzo pants giving you a different look each time!

Tip 2: Hair

Good hair will make or break your look. Most Asian outfits have beautiful embellishment and embroidery which I love to showcase but my hair can get caught. I prefer having my hair up and out of the way when I’m strutting around on the dance floor. My two go to looks are either a quick updo bouffant or a ponytail. With the bouffant I take a section ear to ear, back comb the top section hair twist and pin. I then pin the rest of the hair which is left down in any direction so it is off the nape of my neck.

A ponytail is another fail safe way of looking glamorous. You all know my hair is quite light and sometimes if I feel like a change of colour I will use a darker colour ponytail and slick back my natural hair. I purchase my clip in ponytails from Beauty Works, they are synthetic ponytails which are so easy to use.

Tip 3 Accessories

I’ve been mixing up so many of my jewellery sets recently. Chokers have made a big come back over the last few years and I’ve been wearing simple pearl or velvet chokers with larger more embellished earrings for a sleek look. My two favourite chokers that I've been rocking this wedding season are my black velvet choker from Topshop and my Pearl choker from New look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your current jewellery so if there is a tikka you like from one set pair it with a different pair of earrings, this season anything goes and the more you mix and match the more eclectic the look.

Tip 4 Make up

A clean make up look is essential this season. The glitz and the glamour starts to warp our minds and because you have some sparkle on your outfit you don’t need to incorporate in to your makeup. Glitter eyes, shimmer, bright eyeshadows can be beautiful if done well but remember makeup should enhance never mask. For a reception party a smokey eye is perfect on the dance floor teamed up with a strong or nude lip. If you do want that pop of glitter on your eyes make sure it’s a small amount that can only be seen as you flutter your lashes. Lashes are essential for wedding season. Invest in some mink or high end lashes that you can reuse throughout the wedding season. Some of my favourites are the Azeredo cosmetic lashes in Bombshell and Goddess. The Huda beauty lashes in Scarlett and Samantha. Eyelure have also released their mink lashes which are not as extravagant as the ones mentioned above but still give your eyes that added drama. Remember my beauties lashes should not weigh you down, if they are heavy for your eyes or don’t suit your eye shape then don’t wear them, there is nothing worse than badly placed lashes! Ask your make up artist to ensure they trim them to best fit your eye or angle them so they lift your eye look.

However you are celebrating this wedding season take a risk and mix it up! If you are struggling with hair and makeup I’m only a click away my beauties.

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