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Shine bright like a diamond!

I love highlight! I don’t know what I would would do without highlighters in my make up bag. I use them under foundations, as eyeshadows, mixed in with lip stains and of course highlighting key areas of the face. Summer is definitely my downfall and if there is a glow to a product I will buy it! As my summer holiday draws closer I’ve been searching for that perfect highlighter palette which I can take away on holiday. I have so many highlighters and I just love mixing and layering different products for that sun kissed highlighted look.

In Sephora last month in les Paris, I came across the Jaclyn Hill Becca face palette. The beautiful crisp white palette was calling me from it’s pedestal glass show case. Not only did it have two beautiful highlighters it also contained 3 decadent blush shades.

The first blush in the palette is Rose which is a luminous blush. This blush contains a rose gold shimmer which is perfect on its own for a subtle shimmer or combined with the C-pop highlighter looks even more magnificent.

The second blush is Almond which is a mineral blush. This is a beautiful terracotta shade which can be used on its own or even as an eyeshadow to warm up the crease. It is so versatile and also contains small gold flecks of shimmer.

The last blush is Pamplemousse and this again is a mineral blush. This is a beautiful poppy pink blush which gold shimmer running through it. Again used on its own with a flawless base and mascara and a gorgeous pink lipstain, this is so Parisian and tres chic.

The first highlight is Champagne pop (C-pop) which is a beautiful peach toned highlight. This is stunning over warm toned blushes and I have been wearing this every chance I get.

The second highlighter in the palette is Gold pop. This iridescent gold highlighter leaves you with the most ethereal glow, you'll definitely feel like like a golden goddess after applying this highlight. I’ve been using this when I am using more bronzer in the summer for that golden glow. This was also the highlight I wore to my brother’s wedding this June which so many of you had asked about.

My thoughts on this palette are simple- you need it in your life. However you do have to be very careful when handling the palette as there were a few of the highlight shades that were damaged in Sephora so the lovely sales assistant was kind enough to check through and make sure my palette was intact.

If you are unsure on splashing out on this palette straight away then why not try the glow on the go Becca travel kits. I love these little kits which come with a pressed highlighter and a liquid illuminator in the same shade.

Once you have the Becca highlighters you will keep wanting more, they are so luminous but give you that stunning glow without you looking like a beacon!

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