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Is your skin summer ready?

I am lucky to have a golden skin tone but my Asian skin is prone to blemishes and is not always even toned. My goal every summer is to ensure I tan safely on holiday so I can show off my bronzed skin throughout the winter months. I am a big fan of exfoliating, but I ensure I don’t use an exfoliator with a large size grain as I don’t want to damage and irritate my skin.

My favourite exfoliator for the last few months is from Lush fresh handmade cosmetics. The Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask is a yummy mask containing freshly brewed coffee and sweet roasted cocoa extract. The ground coffee acts as a gentle yet effective scrub which buffs away dryness and leaves you with glowing skin. If you are a coffee addict like myself the smell is intoxicating and also perks up your skin leaving it feeling invigorated. The mask also contains Kaolin which deeply cleanses impurities from the pores.

Uses: I use this mask on my face and body. I am very particular about my products especially the products I use for my face, but this mask is made from natural ingredients such as Agave syrup, coriander seed oil and ground coffee with Lush clearly stating the synthetic ingredients used.

To this day I have never used an exfoliator which leaves my skin feeling as super soft and supple as this product. It polishes the skin and is so gentle on the face. I use this mask once a week and moisturise with a body moisturiser or an oil straight after. I also use this product before fake tan- and yes I know what you are thinking she is asian and she uses fake tan. During the winter months in the UK I don’t have the opportunity to tan so I do ensure I fake tan or use a body moisturiser with a small amount of tanning agent. My favourite is the Dove tan (medium to dark tone) which gives me a lovely bronzed glow.

How to apply the mask: I apply the mask in the shower. I smooth the mask all over my skin (face and body), I massage into the skin leave for 15 minutes and then as I rinse off the product ensuring to remove in circular motions.

I love this product but the only downfall is all Lush products are made fresh so they have a small window in which to use them. The use by date is clearly marked but I see this as a good sign as you know your product isn’t full of nasty chemicals. If you are looking for a life changing exfoliator then here it is, it will remove those dead cells giving you an even base to apply your makeup, fake tan or smooth your skin so you are ready to face the world.

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