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Prep those Lips!

With the winter season fast approaching my lips are prone to cracking and I naturally move towards the matte lipsticks, lip stains and shelve my glossy shades.

Therefore I have to ensure my lips are prepped because when you go matte your lipstick isn’t as forgiving as gloss! All those little imperfections are highly visible so you need to ensure you have laid the groundwork before you apply.

I use the lush cosmetics Mint Julips lip scrub. I apply it all over my lips and scrub my lips in a circular motion. I then use a wet flannel to remove the residue. After exfoliating I always ensure to moisturise my lips. I use Vaseline all over my lips and let that sit for a while before I apply my matte lipstick. I suggest doing this the night before an event or the morning of the event to ensure you give your lips a little time to take in the moisturiser.

The warming peppermint in this scrub gives the illusion of plumper lips whilst the sugar buffs and exfoliates any flaky skin. This is my favourite lip scrub and definitely one I recommend to all my clients and brides.

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