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Life is better in Red Lipstick!

I used to really struggle with red lipsticks and it was difficult to find the perfect shade and the application method which suited the shape of my lips. I used to go to the makeup counters experiment with all shades of red but nothing seemed to look right and if anything I felt quite awkward. The first step to wearing red lips is having that inner confidence, there’s something quite powerful about a woman with red lips and it can complete an entire look. I have a yellow under tone to my skin and I do like to be more bronzed throughout the year so I always thought a punchier bright red lipstick was completely wrong for me. However, I soon realised I could wear any shade of red I just had to follow the rules below.

Here are my secrets to wearing a red lip:

1. Eye makeup

The eyes should be clean. The eyeshadow colours you wear will always makes a big difference when wearing a red lip. I ensure to keep my eyes soft with brown toned or gold toned shadows. I have worn a smokey eye with a red lip but I ensure to soften the smokey eye with brown and gold tones. Another classic way of wearing a red lip is with a matte bone colour eyeshadow and a black wing liner.

2. The Base

You should have a good foundation base when wearing a red lip. Your skin should be concealed to give that polished look which will enhance that red lip even further.

3. Blush

I never wear a strong blush when I’m wearing a red lip, I tend to keep my blushers quite bronzy and skin like. There is nothing worse than a bright blusher and red lips!

4. Lip liner

Always wears a lip liner! When wearing a red lip I ensure I use a lip liner which is as close to the colour as possible. Once you have carved out the shape you desire fill in the lip with the lip liner then apply your lipstick. This way you avoid the horrible line around your lips and empty space as the lipstick starts to wear off throughout the day.

Below are my favourite red lipsticks. No matter the price there is a shade out there waiting to adorn your lips. The revlon matte balm in the shade striking spectaculaire 240 is one of my all time favourite red lipsticks. I can't live without this in my collection and it is a shade perfect for day or night and the colour is so easy to apply and always makes my teeth look brighter and my eyes pop. It is the perfect bright red which does not feel as drying on my lips as other lip stains.

The Mac Cosmetics lipstick in the shade relentlessly red is another favourite. As you can see from the swatch it has a slight pink/coral undertone and this is my go to matte red for a special occasion. I always line this with the Mac Cosmetics lip liner in the shade Cherry.

The Rouge Dior Couture lipstick in the shade 999 is another matte staple. It is a 16 hour wear formula and is deeper than the other shades of red. This is a creamy texture and glides on the lips effortlessly and will suit most skin tones. you cannot beat the longevity of Dior lipsticks and this shade is a cult favourite.

My last go to red lipstick is by Maybelline in the shade Rich Ruby and this is from their matte collection. I adore the Maybelline matte lipsticks, they have a beautiful creamy texture which applies perfectly on the lips and they are highly pigmented. They are not as drying as the Mac matte lipsticks and it is a winning formula for the price tag! If you haven't purchased a maybelline matte lipstick before I highly recommend you popping into your local boots.

With a red lipstick you also need a good lip liner and my 3 favourite all time red lipliners are:

If you are looking for that perfect red lipstick try the tips above but above all else- just have fun with it my beauties!

xoxo Jasleen

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