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This year has been very troublesome for my skin and I've become very particular with what I am using on my face. I've been looking for a product that has added skin care benefits as well as the properties of makeup. We all know the base is the most important step to your makeup and I've been looking for that special something that will smooth out my skin tone and ensure luminosity.

I came across the By Terry cellularose brightening CC serum. By Terry is a French brand who's products are luxurious, indulgent and made for women on the go. The CC brightening serum is a colour corrector, which moisturises and claims to fill fine lines for a natural even toned result.

Now I love a good illuminator as much as the next beauty and the more dewy my skin the happier and radiant I feel. However, I have noticed with particular illuminators such as the Mac Cosmetics strobe cream they can start to look quite oily on the skin after a few hours. The CC serum is completely different, it has a fluid like consistency which blends in seamlessly and stays put! It provides luminosity but not in an outrageous manner like some illuminators on the market.

I usually mix the CC serum in with my foundation which gives my skin a warm bronzed tone. However if you do powder your skin you do lose some of that luminosity but it sets a beautiful tone when followed by foundation alone. I invested in the shade sunny flash which is the bronzed toned shade and there are three other beautiful shades to choose from.

The only other illuminator that can compare to this product is the Benefit sunbeam highlighter. Both bronzed and radiant however the By terry serum is more fluid and blends in with ease compared to the benefit sun beam. Both are beautiful mixed in with foundation but the added skin care benefits are what have won me over with the By Terry serum. The price tag is a little steep with The By Terry products, the CC brightening serum retails at £61.00 in the 30ml and the Benefit Sun beam at £21.50 for 10ml. If you do the maths you are paying near enough the same amount per ml.

I haven't been using the By Terry CC serum long enough to see any major changes in lightening pigmentation but only time will tell. It is however becoming a firm favourite under my foundation or worn alone for a no makeup-makeup day.

xoxo Jasleen

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